The Wey To Work

A frosty start, Godalming Navigation, January 2015

A frosty start, Godalming Navigation, January 2015


The Wey To Work is my blog that records my daily commute by bike along the River Wey in Godalming to Guildford, and sometimes onto Woking. I don’t ride everyday, but I always have my camera with me. I used to lug a full frame SLR around, but, having recently purchased a Canon G16, the sense of liberation is wonderful snow_edited-1

The ride takes around 40 minutes between Godalming and Guildford, depending on the state of the footpath and how often I’m distracted from the ride to take photographs.


The time of year is also important, it may be a joy on a warm summer morning but it can be a chore on a wet, windy a dark winter’s evening.

THe Wey

7th April 2015 (below)The ride this morning was lovely, early spring, with a little mist rising from the river and some real warmth in the sun. Possibly the best time of year regarding the cycling because the temperature is well within a tolerable range both evening and early morning. I was rewarded with a couple of swans taking off as I approached Guildford. This is when my SLR would have been better than the G16.

022 copy


Nearing Guildford

9th April 2015. (below) Another velvet morning, silvery sun dancing on the river and the trees, still naked, rising from a low bank of mist. Simply gorgeous.

9th April

Godalming, low mist across the meadow

The early stretch of the river from Godalming is the most rewarding from a photography point of view

Soft light and low mist

There are a few places where I can pick out trees in the mist across the meadow – the zoom feature on the G16 is pretty good.

Across the meadow

The towpath is baked dry at the moment and makes for an uncomfortable ride, it is actually too bumpy and ridged to pick up and decent speed. This morning I saw a couple of Jays skimming the river in unison, a lovely site and a pity my camera wasn’t at the ready to capture the moment. A lesson learned.

Springtime on the Wey

It needs an earlier start now than my usual 7am in order to catch the colours in the sky before the sunrise. However, the cobwebs still look good in the morning light


Took the Canon 6D with me this week, along the a 200mm lens, the additional weight offset by the flexibility that an SLR offers.

The Weir

Well we are back into the misty mornings. From now until the clocks go back is a great time for early morning photography.

Early September and the autumn mists are back

Early September and the autumn mists are back.

January 2016

The towpath is very muddy – would prefer if frozen. Makes it difficult to stay upright. However, I do have a new bike. Wonderful, makes such a difference mud plugging on 29″ wheels.

Wey28thThe Wey in Winter copy

Not many mornings like this unfortunately this winter….

November 2016

Autumn 2016 has been very dry and warm and cycling has been a joy..


A lovely early November morning


Another blissful ride to work


wey24thjanCold and foggy on the way to work this morning, but I did stop to watch a barn owl hunting across the meadow.  Such rich rewards make it well worthwhile cycling along the tow path on winter mornings.

April 2017

The recent warm April weather and chilly nights make for gorgeous misty mornings along the Wey. Sunrise is still at a time to afford a good nights sleep without feeling that you’ve had to get up in the middle of the night.


April 12th 2017

The sun strikes the cold water and a low mist sits on the surface. This only lasts a number of minutes and then soon burns off.


One of my Wey -to-Work images was recently featured in Outdoor Photography magazine for  in the Viewpoints section:

Wey article

September 1st 2017

It has been such a long time since I last updated ‘The Wey to Work’.  A few of the images from my cycle route appeared in my exhibition earlier in the summer.


And I couldn’t get on my bike for a while following a cycling accident which left me with a broken rib and some sympathy-earning road rash.

However, I am back on the bike now and the change in season is evident on the way into work. Yesterday morning, was spectacular and I took a route over the North downs south of Guildford. The mist in the Wey valley was wonderful.. Wey_Valley1